Books and Edited Collections


“Breathing Late Industrialism.” 2020. Engaging Science, Technology, and Society 6: 416–590.​ (Co-edited with Alison Kenner.) Available at

Peer-Reviewed Articles

“Postindustrial Futures and the Edge of the Frontier.” Accepted at Anthropological Quarterly.

"Breathing Late Industrialism." 2020. Engaging Science, Technology, and Society 6: 416–38. (Co-authored with Alison Kenner.) Available at

"Atmospheric Coalitions: Shifting the Middle in Late Industrial Baltimore." 2020. Engaging Science, Technology, and Society 6: 462–85. Available at

"Unbelonging: The Politics of Address." 2020. Part of a peer-reviewed forum called "Futile Political Gestures." Galina Stjepanovic, ed. Anthropological Theory Commons, October 16. Available at

“Waste-to-Energy: Garbage Prospects and Subjunctive Politics in Late-industrial Baltimore.” 2019. American Ethnologist 46(3): 328–42. Available at

Winner of the Anthropology and Environment Society's 2019 Junior Scholar Award


“‘It’s exhausting to create an event out of nothing.’ Slow Violence and the Manipulation of Time.” 2018. Cultural Anthropology 33(1): 142–71. Available at


“Accountable Talk: ‘Real’ Conversations in Baltimore City Schools.” 2017. Anthropology and Education Quarterly 48(1): 77–97. Available at


“‘…And That’s Why I Teach For America’: American Education Reform and the Role of Redemptive Stories.” 2016. Text & Talk 36(2): 111–31. Available at


“Teach For All: Storytelling ‘Shared Solutions’ and Scaling Global Reform.” 2015. Education Policy Analysis Archives 23(45): 1–27. Available at


“Cultural Adaptation and Translation of Outreach Materials on Autism Spectrum Disorder.” 2015. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders 45(8): 2329–36. With Roy R. Grinker, Christina Kang-Yi, Rinad Beidas, Adrienne Lagman, and David Mandel. Available at

Book Reviews


“Beware the Emerald City: Review of The Sustainability Myth: Environmental Gentrification and the Politics of Justice by Melissa Checker.” Forthcoming in Political and Legal Anthropology Review. Early view available at


“Define and Rule: Native as Political Identity by Mahmood Mamdani.” 2013. Anthropological Quarterly 86(3): 927–33. Available at


Other Writing​

"Toxic Disavowal." 2020. Somatosphere, January 20. Available at

Interview with Alize Arıcan. 2019. Features, American Ethnologist, September 20. Available at


“America’s Post-industrial Futures.” 2018. Photo essay for Sapiens. November 28. Available at


Interview with Alexandra Vieux Frankel. 2018. Dialogues, Cultural Anthropology, June 19. Available at

“Trump’s Slogan: More About the ‘Make’ Than the ‘Great.’” 2017. Op Ed for Sapiens, April 25. Available at With Vincent Ialenti.


“The Incinerator Does Not Exist: Sensory Engagement with Toxic Potentials.” 2017. Part of a series called “Sensory Engagements with a Toxic World.” Chisato Fukuda, ed. Second Spear, Medical Anthropology Quarterly, March 29. Available at 2017/03/29/the-incinerator-does-not-exist-sensory-engagement-with-toxic-potentials/.


“On Not Being Seen.” 2016. Part of a series called “Ethnographer as Advocate.” Haley Bryant and Emily Cain, eds. Anthropology News, February 17. Available at


“Curtis on the Bay: Failed Development and the Mythology of Trump.” 2016. Part of a series called “Crisis of Liberalism.” Dominic Boyer, ed. Hot Spots, Cultural Anthropology, November 30. Available at


Contributor to community papers in Baltimore, Maryland, 2015–18.

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