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Please feel free to reach out to me via email for PDF copies of anything below you'd like to read.

Futures after Progress: Hope and Doubt in Late Industrial Baltimore. 2024. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. Available at


Edited Collections

Fieldwork Confessionals. 2023. American Anthropologist 125(3): 623–72. (Co-edited with Ali Feser, Alix Johnson, Erin McFee, and Amy Leia McLachlan.) Available at

“Vacancy.” 2022. Anthropological Quarterly 95(2): 241–474. Available at

“Breathing Late Industrialism.” 2020. Engaging Science, Technology, and Society 6: 416–590.​ (Co-edited with Alison Kenner.) Available at

Peer-Reviewed Articles

The Little Things.” 2023. Part of a peer-reviewed collection called "Hundreds for Katie." Eduardo Hazera, ed. Anthropology & Humanism 48(2): 401. Available at

Fieldwork Confessionals. 2023. American Anthropologist 125(3): 623–8. (Co-authored with Ali Feser, Alix Johnson, Erin McFee, and Amy Leia McLachlan.) Available at

I know I shouldn't say this, but... 2023. American Anthropologist 125(3): 633–7. Available at

Uncertainty in Motion: Rumors of a Proxy War in Late Industrial Baltimore.” 2023. Cultural Anthropology 38(3): 303–33. Available at

“Vacancy: An Introduction.” 2022. Anthropological Quarterly 95(2): 241–76. Available at


“Postindustrial Futures and the Edge of the Frontier.” 2022. Anthropological Quarterly 95(2): 277–310. Available at

“Dissociation.” 2022. Part of a peer-reviewed forum called “The Vertiginous: Temporalities and Affects of Living in Vertigo.” Daniel M. Knight, Fran Markowitz, and Martin Demant Frederiksen, eds. Anthropological Theory Commons.

“Breathing Late Industrialism.” 2020. Engaging Science, Technology, and Society 6: 416–38. (Co-authored with Alison Kenner.) Available at

“Atmospheric Coalitions: Shifting the Middle in Late Industrial Baltimore.” 2020. Engaging Science, Technology, and Society 6: 462–85. Available at

“Unbelonging: The Politics of Address.” 2020. Part of a peer-reviewed forum called "Futile Political Gestures." Galina Stjepanovic, ed. Anthropological Theory Commons, October 16. Available at

“Waste-to-Energy: Garbage Prospects and Subjunctive Politics in Late-industrial Baltimore.” 2019. American Ethnologist 46(3): 328–42. Available at


“‘It’s exhausting to create an event out of nothing.’ Slow Violence and the Manipulation of Time.” 2018. Cultural Anthropology 33(1): 142–71. Available at


“Accountable Talk: ‘Real’ Conversations in Baltimore City Schools.” 2017. Anthropology and Education Quarterly 48(1): 77–97. Available at


“‘…And That’s Why I Teach For America’: American Education Reform and the Role of Redemptive Stories.” 2016. Text & Talk 36(2): 111–31. Available at


“Teach For All: Storytelling ‘Shared Solutions’ and Scaling Global Reform.” 2015. Education Policy Analysis Archives 23(45): 1–27. Available at


“Cultural Adaptation and Translation of Outreach Materials on Autism Spectrum Disorder.” 2015. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders 45(8): 2329–36. With Roy R. Grinker, Christina Kang-Yi, Rinad Beidas, Adrienne Lagman, and David Mandel. Available at

Book Reviews


“Beware the Emerald City: Review of The Sustainability Myth: Environmental Gentrification and the Politics of Justice by Melissa Checker.” 2021. Political and Legal Anthropology Review 44(2): 106–8. Available at


“Review of Define and Rule: Native as Political Identity by Mahmood Mamdani.” 2013. Anthropological Quarterly 86(3): 927–33. Available at


Other Writing​

Author of “The Fight Against Incineration is a Chance to Right Historic Wrongs.” 2024. Op-ed for the Baltimore Beat, June 26. With Anand Pandian.


Author of “Baltimore’s Toxic Legacies Have Reached a Breaking Point.” 2024. SAPIENS, April 23.

“Anthropology Faculty Statement Against the Interim Expressive Policy.” 2024. Op-ed for the Cornell Daily Sun, March 11. With departmental colleagues.

“Curtis Bay Residents Deserve a Coal-free Future.” 2024. Op-ed for the Baltimore Sun, February 18.


Author of public and written testimony on the CSX coal terminal explosion. 2022. Baltimore City Council Investigatory Hearing, June 15. (at 56:30).


“Toxic Disavowal.” 2020. Somatosphere, January 20. Available at

Interview with Alize Arıcan. 2019. Features, American Ethnologist, September 20. Available at


“America’s Post-industrial Futures.” 2018. Photo essay for Sapiens. November 28. Available at


Interview with Alexandra Vieux Frankel. 2018. Dialogues, Cultural Anthropology, June 19. Available at

“Trump’s Slogan: More About the ‘Make’ Than the ‘Great.’” 2017. Op-ed for Sapiens, April 25. Available at With Vincent Ialenti.


“The Incinerator Does Not Exist: Sensory Engagement with Toxic Potentials.” 2017. Part of a series called “Sensory Engagements with a Toxic World.” Chisato Fukuda, ed. Second Spear, Medical Anthropology Quarterly, March 29. Available at 2017/03/29/the-incinerator-does-not-exist-sensory-engagement-with-toxic-potentials/.


“On Not Being Seen.” 2016. Part of a series called “Ethnographer as Advocate.” Haley Bryant and Emily Cain, eds. Anthropology News, February 17. Available at


“Curtis on the Bay: Failed Development and the Mythology of Trump.” 2016. Part of a series called “Crisis of Liberalism.” Dominic Boyer, ed. Hot Spots, Cultural Anthropology, November 30. Available at


Contributor to community papers in Baltimore, Maryland, 2015–18.

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