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Recent recorded talks can be found at the links below.

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Time Bomb: Two Hundred Years of Toxic Disavowal in Late Industrial South Baltimore

Johns Hopkins University, Department of Anthropology, December 6, 2022. Watch here.

Cover image: sign from the Curtis Bay Ordnance Depot in South Baltimore, circa 1950; from the US National Archives in Philadelphia.

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Hope at the End of the World: Two Views from Late Industrial Baltimore

University of Delaware, Department of Anthropology, October 27, 2022. Watch here.

Cover image: painting from "The Holey Land," by Baltimore-based artist Valeska Populoh.

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How Waste Became Renewable in Baltimore: A Cautionary Tale

Cornell University, Atkinson Center for a Sustainable Future, May 9, 2022. Watch here.

Cover image: artist's rendering of the BRESCO incinerator in Baltimore, circa 1980; commissioned by the Northeast Waste Disposal Authority.

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